The most effective way to make visions, dreams and minds visible for others seems to synchronize art and architecture.


We connect additional art and architecture for all the people who wants to be free of necessaries and dependies. The person with the necessaries for constancy, dependability, room, calmness, and singularity, in a cultured change, avowed himself to a special community. We want to give the attitude of life of the modern human more space. We think immovables are not just an investion, we see them as your personality livingstyle which shows shows your personal value.


We know that space where we live can just be created by harmonic individual architecture. An architecture which connects your wishes and the character of the building. The best architecture becomes if you unite alle existing facts: the relation of the building to its area, the street, the using of the rooms and the quality of the nature light, the symbolic of the design, style and the quality of the furniture - and last but not least, your personal sense.